The following pictures and stories will highlight successful harvests that have been shared by our local members. If you’re an RMEF member and want your own experience posted – whether successful or just filled with “excitement” – please send it our way.

Stan Grebe and his son, Brandon, enjoyed a third season elk hunt in Unit 54 near Gunnison – on public land. With pack frames, they hiked on foot into NFS ground and got into heavy elk sign in an area they’ve hunted over the last 10 years. On November 7, 2013, they got into 4 decent bulls; Brandon got the first opportunity and it paid off for him on this nice 6×6 bull, using his Weatherby 30-06. In exchange for him getting the first shot opportunity, he got to pack out the bull – 4 trips on foot over 2 days. Stan told him that “Youth Rules” on the pack out. Even though Brandon got the bull, Stan takes full credit as Father and Guide! Per Stan, “It is great to hunt with sons/daughters/family, and that really is so important to our hunting tradition and future.  Always remember to ‘PASS IT ON’.”


This cow moose was taken by Royal “PUDDIN” Weddingfeld GMU 28 Rifle season on October 1st – drawn with 12 points and taken with Ruger #1 Cal. 280 Rem. Awesome, Puddin – congratulations!


“What a great hunt with Sangre de Cristo Outfitters!  Tom and Bill Schulze were great hosts and I made some new friends. Not only did I see more bull elk in five days than I had in the last 20 years, but I came home with a trophy!” — Dick Schack



“Eight years is a long time to keep up the faith. Few people would have persevered that long. It isn’t the biggest buck that will be taken this season, but it might be the best.” Read the full article, “First Deer at 50” on South Dakota Hunting.



Doug Hoak backpacked into a wilderness area (mid-October) on Friday night and was hunting timber and pockets in it. He killed this cow at 11,000 feet on Sunday night about 10 minutes before dark. Per Doug, “I gutted her (head lamp work), packed out my camp, and came back the next day with a buddy to bone her out and pack her out.  It was a great hunt. I’m grateful for a freezer full!” Terrific work, Doug – thanks for sharing your story!


Check out Mike Liotti’s first antelope buck taken on October 5th in Wheatland, WY. Nice job, Mike.


RMEF Volunteer State Chair and fellow Denver Mile High Committee Member, Hank Eggink, made this successful harvest on opening day! Stats include:  8 1/4 dry nanny; shot at 9:04am; one shot at 27 yards; elevation 12,556′; approximately 4 miles from where he parked at the top of Guanella Pass. Hank and hunting partner got back to the truck at 4:00pm. Here’s Hank’s adventure: “I had seen a small band on Sunday evening and watched them from the parking lot (3/12 miles away) till nearly dark. Next morning was opening day (September 30), left the parking lot at about 6, saw them for the first time again about 7 – they were about 500 yards from where I put them to bed the night before. We hiked in climbing most the way with the exception of about a 300 yard marsh crossing; I made the final climb by myself, as they had disappeared into a rock chute. I found them in a little bowl just off the rock chute. My partner climbed up after I shot, we took til about noon before we had it caped and boned out, and headed down to the parking lot.” A truly great day, Hank – congratulations!


Grant had even more success this season. He spotted this deer a mile away. He was able to watch him bed down and then made a 2-hour stalk to get within 55 yards of the napping buck. Following the shot, the buck had no idea what happened and only went 50 yards before he bedded down again and expired. Grant had the support and help of his dad, Ron Gladson, to carry this trophy out – they were hunting in North Central Wyoming. Another victory, Grant – keep up the great work!

Ben and Kendra Vander Velden were hunting opening weekend (September 1, 2013), and Ben took this cow elk – his first elk ever. It was the second day of the season and Ben was about 30 yards away. They’d actually bugled her in from about 60 yards. Ben and Kendra were down near Montrose and Ben was the only one out of 11 in camp who had a shot at anything so far. Must be your lucky season, Ben! Great job. They were headed back the following weekend to fill Kendra’s tag.

With only two days to hunt the high country wilderness near Winter Park on an OTC archery elk tag (September 2013), Grant Gladson was able to harvest a young 5×5 bull. “My hunting partner spotted three bulls 1,000+ yards away. I was able to sneak into range while this bill was feeding just above timberline and took the shot at 66 yards – my first elk. With the help of my partners, Alex of 1Shot Gear and my friend Eric, we packed the bull out in one trip. Thank heavens, too, because it was 6 miles back to the truck at 12,000 feet. By the time we got back to the trucks our legs were tired but none of us could stop grinning with satisfaction of a successful DIY high country hunt.  A great start to the 2013 hunting season!” Way to go, Grant.

Waited 6 years to draw the cow moose tag here in Colorado, very exciting hunt resulting in some super meat for my freezer space!  Even used an old lever carbine to make it more exciting.

Mike was a member of the US Army 25th ID from 2004-2008.  He was injured while serving (IED hit his vehicle) and is still rehabilitating from his injuries.  The RMEF Mile High Chapter auctioned off a turkey hunt that allowed Mike (for free) and the winning bidder, Kyle, enjoy a turkey hunt on private property just West of Denver.